New Jersey driver's license renewal is easier than ever!

Mail it in, Skip the Trip! Just check your renewal notice to see if you're eligible.
How will you spend your free time? Share with us now and see what others are doing.
This website is the official Skip The Trip site for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. The license renewal by mail service is available to all eligible applicants at no additional charge to standard New Jersey license renewal fees. All New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission services are rendered solely, without exception, through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Content submission

Who doesn't love having
license to play?!
Tell us how you plan to spend your free time when you "skip the trip" to the MVC (keep it clean, people).

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Featured Submission

If you said, "Free time … what's that?" you'll find inspiration here in our latest featured submissions.

" Going back to school shopping for the kids. "

" Date with the husband, and he can’t get out of it. "

" Standing in line at the bakery, again "

" I can sleep in! "

" Play a game with my granddaughters! "

" Going to enjoy some reading and next go SHOPPING !! "

" Finish up on some music that I've been working on. "

" I thatched my lawn, raked it, and am going to start an water it. Next have to run some erands to get that shed in the back yard I so much need! Thanks NJDMVC "

" I bill by the hour. The 2 or 2 1/2 hour round trip to renew my license costs me. Thank you, NJMVA! "

" I plan to help my wife volunteer to weed and mulch the gardens at our local elementary school so the grounds look good when the kids start back to school "

" Thank you! I had more time to help my kids with their homework; and cook a great dinner. Great idea, we are really glad you are offering this service. Hope it continues. "

" I cherish every moment I can have with my 5 month old. I work the night shift and my son gets sent to day care in the morning, so if having to skip this procedure lets me have that time with my son then by all means this what I would do with my time "

" My license expires in December. I took off from work the day after Christmas - December 26 - not only to recuperate from running around but to plan on spending time at the MVC. Now I can enjoy spending the whole day with my son playing with all of his new presents on his first Christmas! "

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